Christ The King

21 11 2020

We don’t often talk of kings much anymore in the US. After all we have been involved with this experiment called a democracy for a couple of centuries. In this form of government, there are no kings and are extensive guards and laws to prevent even our elected folks from acting like a king. So it seems a paradox to talk of Our King…in the midst of a nation devoted to non-kings. What sets Jesus Christ apart from all brands and notions of earthly kings is the fact that is both human and God. Earthly kings have merely been trying to play a god, yet Our King is God.

When earthly kings – all powers and principalities for that matter – make their decrees and rules, they can carry both good and bad news. Our King always decrees and rules with the Gospel – Good News! Jesus’ message is one of proclamation that frees the soul, enlivens the spirit, and assures equality. No matter of salvation can be promised or assured by earthly kings because it comes from above – God alone.

Within our celebratory calendar is Christ The King Sunday. This year it is November 22, 2020. As the Holy Spirit gathers us, we once again give thanks and praise to God, who sent Jesus the Christ into the world to win salvation. He did not do that by lording over us like earthly kings do – but by ministering in the day to day lives of His people. He experienced the whims and violent acts of earthly kings and emperors, until one day he was executed.

Our King – Jesus Christ – whom we honor through faithful discipleship – deserves this recognition day because He literally went through death and hell to sit where he was destined to sit. Our King – sits where no earthly king can. Thanks be to God!



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