Time for an Xchange – the same old won’t do anymore!

10 12 2010

Welcome to A New Blog on an old theme – Reconciliation!

Biblical in scope and command, but so forgotten in the realm of reality – family, work, politics.

Reconciliation is simply a path to exchanging one state of being for another, more fruitful state of being – particularly in relationship with our environment and one another.  Reconciliation involves not just substituting or masking one thing for another – but true exchange where the ‘new thing’ fills the space – spiritual and physical – of the one that previously resided there.  The ‘new thing’ restores and is totally new – with no link or resemblance to the old thing.  It is an exchange of both time and space – transcending both for a new reality.

Welcome to the ramblings of an eclectic Christian who has lived in a box and gone dumpster diving with the homeless; who has traveled to Central America smack in the middle of Civil Wars and unrest; who enjoys skydiving and white water rafting as well as sitting in pristine wilderness; and who teaches and preaches to transform minds hoping that somewhere in the midst of my ego-centric words the Gospel of Jesus Christ finds it’s way out.

**Not just a blog – but visit my web site filled with resources for active disciples: http://www.gracexchange.net



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